About Careers in Eyecare

Award-winning careers support and advice

About Careers in Eyecare

Discover the range of careers offering eyewear and eyecare.

Careers in Eyecare is a cross sector initiative to highlight the range of careers in eye care and eye wear.

The Careers in Eyecare campaign highlights the range of clinical, fashion, design, technical and retail roles available. It maximises the use of social media to reach out to young people, parents and careers advisers, and those looking to change career.

Careers in Eyecare won the Youth Employment UK ‘Best Newcomer’ 2020 award and the Creating Opportunity #YouthFriendlyEmployer Award for 2021.

The award-winning campaign, which was launched by the Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO) in 2020, is now sponsored by Woodspeen, Specsavers and Stepper (UK) Limited.

Careers in Eyecare was born from a desire to do more to raise awareness of all of the great career opportunities available in our sector, ensuring that we have a future pipeline of new talent will keep the sector buoyant and fresh.

Support from forward-thinking sponsors helps Careers in Eyecare to increase the range of help and resources that we can offer to students, teachers and careers advisers.

You can also find the campaign on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

 If you would like to find out more about how you can get involved with supporting Careers in Eyecare, email Nick Walsh, nwalsh@abdo.org.uk.