How to make the most of your apprenticeship

Thomas Gluyas is an apprentice optical assistant, training with Woodspeen. Read on for his tips for a successful apprenticeship. Could a Career in Eyecare be what you’ve been looking for?

Thomas’s tips for success

  • Don’t be afraid to try an apprenticeship in something you’d never considered before.
  • For me, where I work and who I work with is more important than the content of the apprenticeship itself.
  • Think where you could be in two or three years’ time after taking your apprenticeship: don’t prioritise short term concerns like the apprenticeship wage over this.
  • Set aside time in your week to complete apprenticeship work. This means you’ll get everything done and ensures your free time and work don’t overlap anymore than they have too.
  • Never be afraid to ask for help even if you feel like you’re asking about something trivial or something you feel you should know already. You will learn a lot in a short space of time during your apprenticeship and will not be expected to remember everything.

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