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What do you do when Results Day comes around and you didn’t get the grades you wanted for your chosen degree? You’ve still got great options, explain the team at Careers in Eyecare.

The pandemic has been tough for everyone, and if you have been studying for A levels it has been doubly hard. The combination of lockdown and uncertainty about the A level process for many months has left many students feeling that their results don’t truly reflect what they are capable of.

If you are in this situation, if your results are not what you need to get to your first choice uni, don’t panic. There are many options available to you to get your plans back on track.

Check in with Track as soon as you can on results day.

If you just miss out on the grades you needed, your first choice university or college might accept you anyway and you can see if this is the case on Track.

You might be offered an alternative by the university/college – a ‘changed course offer’, which you’ll need to accept or decline.

You may decide to take your insurance choice if your grades match what you needed for that

If you don’t get a place search the UCAS clearing service to see what courses still have vacancies.

If you feel your grades don’t accurately reflect what you achieved, talk to your school or college about exam reviews and appeals as soon as possible. And let the uni you want to go to know about this right away.

Make a list of your other options, either instead of higher education or while you reapply for next year. This could include:

Whatever route you choose to take, you will soon be back on track.