Day in the life … clinical technician Lyndon

Lyndon Bird SMc(Tech) is a clinical technician at TKS Optometrists. His role in the practice is to provide diagnostic tests requested by the optometrist for each patient. Read on to discover more about what Lyndon does each day.

I start the day by unlocking the practice, switching on all the machines in the diagnostics suite. I print off the clinic lists and go through each patient one by one to plan what diagnostic procedures are required. I then maximise the patient experience by offering as full a range of diagnostic examinations as is appropriate such as OCT, California, MP-eye, Myopia Master, HFA and Audiology screening. 

The most enjoyable aspect of my role is engaging with my patients. Every patient is a new challenge; this means my job is never dull. I find it satisfying to educate people, and answer any of their questions about various diagnostic examinations. Some patients are eye-phobic and I do my best to keep them distracted with conversation, assisting them with their needs is particularly rewarding.

Being a good time manager is the most challenging aspect as it requires a tight-rope artist’s balance of keeping to a strict diary schedule and at the same time not making the patient feel they are being rushed. Any deviations from the schedule causes a negative cascade of delay for everyone so I take extra preparation and care with frail or elderly patients, people with disabilities and with children.  

I wrap up the day by wiping down the surfaces, switching off the machines and having a look ahead at tomorrow’s diary to see if there will be any busy periods to be prepared for.