5 different techniques to help you revise

How do I revise? It’s easy to know that you need to get down to revision but harder to pick the methods that work for you. Read on for a quick round up of different ways to revise. Pick one and try it out today.

Method 1: Writing things down

It’s where we all start when revising. Writing things down is a good method of revising, but you need to know how to do it. You don’t need to copy everything word for word. Instead make summaries of key facts. Use a notebook or card and write facts about a single topic on a page. Build up a collection of flash cards with key facts and you will have a handy resource to review. Why not try to reduce all the important points on a topic to a single sheet?

Method 2: Reading

Reading over your work isn’t the best way to revise, but reading things out loud can be more effective. Try it and see if it works for you.

Method 3: Listening

Revising doesn’t all have to be about reading things or writing things. In fact, it’s great to make use of all your senses. Look to see if there is a podcast on a topic you are revising. Or read out key facts you need to know and play them back to yourself when travelling.

Method 4: Watching

Why not watch a video on the topic you are revising? If you are studying a play watching different versions can help you fix the story in your mind. Seeing an actor play the part can help you memorise quotes too.

Method 5: Doing

Sometimes the best way to prepare for an exam is to practice doing parts of the exam. Ask your teacher for old exam papers and work through questions. If you get stuck, try looking up your notes or go and discuss with other students or your teacher.

What are your most effective way to revise?