Have you thought about offering work experience but don’t know where to start? We’ve got tips and resources to help.

  1. Have a plan. Don’t wait until the student turns up but work out activities for each day that will show them a range of aspects of the business. Think about what sort of student you are looking for – someone who is studying for GCSEs or Alevels? You can also offer work experience to someone who wants to change career. Pick activities that are right for the work experience student’s level.
  2. Be clear. Outline to the young person how long the expereince is for, when to turn up and what you explect them to wear. This will help everything go well from the start. Be clear about what you need to do too. The Student work experience workbook has details at the start which will help you address important issues like Health and Safety.
  3. Have a buddy. Give the student a member of staff who they can go to to ask questions and who will help them know what to do and where to go. This is a great role for a younger member of staff who wants to grow their expereince and is friendly and relatable.
  4. Take time to reflect. In the Student work experience workbook there are pages for each day. Ask the young person to write down what they have done and relfect on the skills they have learned. This makes sure that work experience is worthwhile for all.

Careers in Eyecare has a range of guides for employers and young people to make it easy to offer well structured and useful work experience, and help you to inspire the next generation in eyecare. We have already mentioned the Student work experience workbook.

Why not reach the Employers’ guide to work experience next which will guide you through what to do in more depth.