Optometrist speeds to the qualifying line

Optometrist Katie Martin has achieved her pre-registration qualifications in under a year, surprising her colleagues. Trainees have two years and three months to finish the scheme.

Nathan Burn, a director at Specsavers Plymouth, says: “We’ve all said a huge congratulations to Katie for stunning us by completing her pre-reg so quickly.

“We’re simply in awe of her. It really is a fantastic achievement. She made it look so easy, even though many others will tell you it absolutely isn’t. We’re very proud.”

The pre-reg scheme enables optometry graduates to develop their knowledge and skills in the workplace. Trainees are supervised and assessed before completing the final assessment and qualifying as an optometrist.

Katie’s day-to-day duties involved conducting eye examinations, contact lens assessments and aftercare appointments, as well as dispensing spectacles.

The scheme is renowned for being challenging, as people have to balance their day job and training with regular revision.

Katie says: “I’m very pleased to qualify so quickly. It was amazing the day I got my results because, luckily, it was good news.

“Now that I’m qualified, I’m looking forward to my future at the Plymouth Specsavers Store. I’m Plymouth born and bred and I’m really happy with the great support from everyone here, as well as the opportunities I get to further my clinical knowledge and development.”