Specsavers launches neurodiversity training

Specsavers is offering staff e-learning to help them understand the needs of customers with conditions such as autism or ADHD. The module is available for community practices as well as in support offices.

‘With around 15% of people in the UK thought to be neurodiverse, it’s really important that we all understand neurodiversity. Having this knowledge, and the ability to have the right conversations, will make a big difference,’ says Amy Cooper, co-chair of the neurodiversity colleague network group.

‘The course provides an overview of what neurodiversity is, and how we are encouraging everyone to celebrate, embrace, and support neurodiversity at Specsavers. This ranges from empowering neurodiverse people to be at their best, to creating inclusive environments for both colleagues and customers.’

The neurodiversity network is one of a number of groups championing diversity and inclusion. Each has been started by, and is led by, a member of staff who has a passion for ensuring colleagues are represented and their voices are heard.