Get that job – how to succeed at interview

Getting a job in eyecare requires strong communication and interpersonal skills. The interview is crucial – a chance to showcase your qualifications and personality. Here are some top tips to help you succeed from Danny Alaimo, associate director at Vivid Optical recruitment consultants.


Before stepping into the interview room, thoroughly research the firm. Understand their values, mission, and recent achievements. This knowledge will not only demonstrate your genuine interest but also allow you to tailor your responses to align with the company’s goals.

Highlight your competence

Be prepared to discuss your technical skills and experiences relevant to the eycare field. Talk about your education, any specialised training and hands-on experience. Employers want to know that you not only have the right qualifications but can apply them effectively in the real world.

Emphasise your commitment to patient care

For optometrists, dispensing opticians (DOs) and other patient-facing roles, you must demonstrate your patient-centred approach – highlighting your ability to communicate complex medical information in a clear, easily-understood manner. Give examples where you’ve worked or volunteered with patients, addressing their concerns and creating a positive experience. This shows your dedication to providing excellent patient care.

Showcase problem-solving skills

Roles in eyecare involve addressing challenges. Use the interview as an opportunity to showcase your problem-solving skills. Share examples where you identified and resolved complex issues, emphasising your ability to think critically and make informed decisions.

Demonstrate communication skills

Effective communication is vital in healthcare professions. Demonstrate your ability to convey information clearly and with empathy, not only with patients but also with colleagues and other healthcare professionals. Employers value team members who can articulate ideas and collaborate.

Be professional

From your clothes to your manner, show professionalism throughout the interview. Pay attention to your body language, maintain eye contact, be polite and ensure your responses are articulate and concise. A polished image makes a positive impression. Try practising with a friend to see if there’s anything you need to adjust. 

Ask thoughtful questions

At the end of the interview you’ll be asked if you have any questions. Prepare intelligent queries about the organisation, team dynamics, or future projects. This demonstrates your genuine interest in the position and the organisation.

What next?

Getting a job in eyecare requires a combination of technical expertise and interpersonal skills. By preparing thoroughly and showcasing your unique strengths during the interview, you can increase your chances of success. Good luck!

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