Study tips: How to learn online #DistanceLearningTips #ABDOCollege

Many of the courses leading to careers in eyecare involve some online study. The pandemic has changed how some courses are offered too. If you are due to start a course and will be studying online, here are some tips form the team at ABDO College. ABDO College offers a range of online courses and courses which combine online study with a week or a fortnight at the College.

 1: Ask for help, even if it seems like a simple IT question. If you are having a problem for the first time, the chances are that your tutor may have helped someone solve the same problem in the past and can give you guidance.

 2: Check in advance what software you might need and download it ahead of time so you can try it out.

 3: Have a dedicated study space. Working in front of the TV can be distracting. By setting aside both a time and a space it is easier to get into the discipline of working, and easier to relax when you finish and walk away. 

 4: Have regular breaks. Staring at a screen can be tiring. One easy to remember guideline suggests looking away from the screen for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. 

 5: Stay motivated. Look for online discussion groups. These are great to help share problems, successes and to motivate each other. ABDO College students often set up Facebook and Whatsapp groups for their specific courses so they can interact between block release and work together.  

6: Different learning methods work well for different people. Do you learn best by listening, reading, or applying your knowledge practically? Find out the type of learner you are via a site like then you can tailor your revision to how you learn best.

7: Flashcards have been shown to be the best way to revise. Make notes and revise as you go. With online learning there will be a lot of reading and typing. Handwritten notes can help you learn more and it helps the knowledge sink in.

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Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels